33 days ago

Wanting to get the hedge cut along the front of the section

Jane from Highbury - Westbrook

Have tried to get a quote by emailing contractors but nothing. We need our hedge trimmed along the road front. Any suggestions?

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1 day ago


Debra from Palmerston North Central

Hi everyone I was just wondering if any1 out there has a wheelbarrow they would like to part with as im looking for 1 and can't afford to buy a brand new one?

8 hours ago

Recently installed by Window Trendz

Finn from Window Trendz - Curtains & Blinds

How beautiful do these new custom drapes look recently installed in a Palmerston North building companies showhome?

11 hours ago

Was told last week that Bunnings are NO LONGER supporting Local Food Businesses for their Cafe. This is a Directive from Auckland's Head office. ALL food now comes from Auckland - What happened to "Shop Local"

Christine from Roslyn - Terrace End

Was told last week that Bunnings ARE NO LONGER supporting local food businesses in regards to their Cafe. ALL food now comes from Auckland - Directive from Head Office in Auckland - so much for "shopping local"