872 days ago

Help Over The Christmas Break

The Team from Housing Advice Centre

The HOUSING ADVICE CENTRE (06 3584875) is closed from the 21 December and reopens on January the 7th.
The MANAWATU TENANTS UNION (06 357 7435) is closed from the 21 December and reopens on the 22 of January
TENANCY SERVICES (0800 TENANCY) is closed from the 25 December and reopens on January the 3rd.
If you are needing help in between these times you can try the CITIZEN'S ADVICE BUREAU on the ground floor of Hancock Community House.

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4 days ago

Traffic at kidney shape roundabout

Quinton from Milson

Has anyone else experienced the major traffic backing up on both Gilespie and Tremaine coming into town? Its like our city exploded with traffic. I think the council might need to think of alternative traffic management there as they constantly need to patch holes there too.

2 days ago

Graphics card

Quinton from Milson

Hi neighbours,

Im looking for a good graphics card for a replacement computer I am building for myself.
Can anyone reccomend a place where I can get one....its over 2k for one...absolutely ridiculous!

6 hours ago

Have you seen this amazing garden?

Mei Leng Wong Reporter from NZ Gardener & Get Growing

They had a vision for their property, but they also had three floods in 20 years. That didn't stop them pursuing the garden of their dreams though.