41 days ago

My Nice Neighbour nomination

Sue from Takaro

Ben Robertson surely must win the award for 'My nice Neighbour'...
He tirelessly worked away at first making nose clips for masks (to help those who wear glasses to not to have their glasses fog up)! He then drove all around Palmerston North delivering them at no cost for either the clip or the petrol until he had ensured that hundreds of people had been helped.
But such was the response of those needing these clips, that he is now having to charge a minimal fee to cover costs for production.
As a wearer of glasses myself, I have been enormously helped by this device - and truly blown away at the pure kindness and selfless act of making and delivering them to such a large number of people.
I would have been happy to deliver them to help Ben. But he insisted he had the job in hand.
What an incredibly decent neighbor to have.
I'm not sure the word 'nice' quite says enough to cover Ben's generous selfless giving to the community! 😊

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4 hours ago

Sporting History Calendar 2022

Margaret from West End

Greetings, Neighbours. The Palmerston North Heritage Trust's 2022 calendar is called 'Good Sports' and it has images and captions relating to the history of sport in Palmerston North (see attachment). It is available from the level two Heritage section of the Palmerston North City Library for only $12.00. Don't worry if you can't make it into the library: if you email heritage@pncc.govt.nz with your order, staff will send you an account number into which you can pay the amount, and will post a calendar out to you. Note that the pages on cricket and rugby have compilations of images - see who you recognise in these and other images, and let the librarians know so they can add the information to Manawatu Heritage..

Copy of Heritage trust calendar flyer 2019 (1).pdf Download View

20 hours ago

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