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Lyn from Kelvin Grove

New supply of 200 litre barrels.

The uses are endless such as: collection of rainwater...always good for the garden or as emergency water if ever needed. Kindergartens have already brought for this very reason, as part of their Be Ready Kit.
Can be used as containers for flower/vegetable gardens.

Can be used as storage containers and has even be brought to be used as a dogs bed.....the uses are as big as your imagination! Prices for these are $30 untapped $65 tapped


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6 hours ago

Swim with Confidence!

Hilton Brown Swimming

Are your children nervous around water?
Do they run into the ocean squealing with joy or tentatively tiptoe in?

The biggest hurdle when learning to swim is gaining confidence in the water.
Once your confidence grows, your swimming technique improves in leaps and bounds.

We can help with increasing you and your family’s water confidence!

Touch base with us today to book in your Free Trial swimming lesson on 06 359 1860 (offer available to all new customers).
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17 hours ago

Poll: Will you be celebrating Halloween?

The team from Neighbourly.co.nz

Halloween is coming up on October 31, and there'll be lots of spooktacular-ly dressed trick or treaters around the neighbourhood!

Are you looking forward to seeing them? Will you be celebrating Halloween?

Will you be celebrating Halloween?
  • 10.6% I love it - one of my favorite times of the year
    10.6% Complete
  • 2.3% I use it as an excuse to dress up!
    2.3% Complete
  • 21.9% Hate it - we shouldn't celebrate evil and darkness
    21.9% Complete
  • 37.2% It's a nuisance - I won't be answering the door on the night
    37.2% Complete
  • 28% It's just like any other day for me
    28% Complete
1192 votes
17 hours ago

Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia Sufferers

Sharyn from Hokowhitu

Join us for coffee at Cafe Esplanade at 1.30pm on Thursday. School holidays are over, so no crowds to deal with.
Plenty of free parking out the back. We look forward to seeing you.