22 days ago

Stolen cattle

Nicola from Awapuni

Hi everyone, we have just had 4 400kg heifers stolen from our front paddock last night. We have no race or yards. They pushed the girls hard into the landlords builders yard and the hoof prints stop at their gate. I guess they backed up a truck or something big enough to hold them on and pushed them on. We are just lifestylers so have no expensive insurance. Two of these were our food for our family and two were pets to breed from that my daughters hand raised. They are extremely upset, as am I. This has been premeditated to know where and when to do it. Police and Nait have been alerted. Please, if you hear of cheap beef or someone bragging please let me know, my children are so devastated. We just want our babies back. UPDATE they have been found, they were pushed out of the paddock but obviously got away, many thanks to all, we are very fortunate to have found them.

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2 hours ago

We’re adjusting the electorate boundaries

Electoral Commission

We’re adjusting our electorate boundaries for the next two general elections.

By making sure each electorate has about the same number of people, we can give all New Zealanders equal representation in Parliament. It’s all balance.
If we move one of your electorate boundaries, you could end up in a different electorate to the one you’re in now – so we show you what we’re proposing before we make any changes and give you the opportunity to share your thoughts.

Have your say now at vote.nz
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2 hours ago

Life planning

Bruce from Takaro

- Do you like planning your life to achieve goals?
- Doing a plan for the 2020s?
- I am, and will be glad to meet to compare ideas if you are. It can be good to have different perspectives from one or two others.
- If not sure how to, there's various ways. There's an easy template from Edward de Bono that I've used for years. Usually I achieve about 80% of the plans. Some fail, but I also swap some plans for better things.

19 days ago

Last week for Personal Training Special

Oliver from Oliver Young Personal Trainer

I currently have available:
1) 3 One hour time slots left for Saturday morning (Last client at the latest 1pm). Times available 10.15-11.15, 11.30-12.30 and 1 till 2pm
2) One week day session at 9am

$35 for ONE HOUR per week
$30 per hour 2+ sessions per week

- Weight loss
- Strength
- Conditioning training
- Sports specific training

My name is Oliver and I have been doing Personal Training for over 6 years (Diploma in Personal Training and Australia Strength and Conditioning level 1). I have an at home gym set up where I train people from.
My goal is to make Personal Training more affordable for people so I can help them achieve their goals in Health and Fitness.

Contact me:
Txt: 027 777 8269
Email: Simplicity_is_the_key@hotmail.co.nz
Instagram: Oliveryoungpersonaltraining