38 days ago

Norton Anti Virus scam

Brian from Carterton District

I have never had Norton anti-virus on my computer but have received at least ten messages from different senders saying my subscription has run out or that they have detected virus's on my computer. usually they come with a smart address that just says "Norton anti-virus team" or similar but when this is expanded the addresses are all different. I have informed Netsafe and Scamwatch.

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7 hours ago


Dal from Carterton District

Anybody selling an axe plz?

1 day ago

Chicken coop

Kyliee from Carterton District

Hi does anyone have a cheap or free chicken coop they are wanting to part with? I’m getting two chickens so just something big enough for them for night time lock ups. Cheers

13 hours ago

What's On: AND LIFE GOES ON… Kiarostami

David from Brooklyn

In the aftermath of a devastating earthquake, a filmmaker returns to a remote Iranian village. “A lyrical exploration of both rural village life and artistic responsibility.” –NY Times. See https://filmsocietywellington.net.nz/
AND LIFE GOES ON… Kiarostami
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