50 days ago

Poll: What transport do you use for your morning commute?

Marcus Stickley Reporter from Dominion Post

With the morning commute to the capital getting longer and more congested, a group of Stuff's Wellington reporters threw themselves into the morning traffic scrum for a rush-hour commuter race.
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What transport do you use for your morning commute?
  • 44.1% Car
    44.1% Complete
  • 16.3% Bus
    16.3% Complete
  • 20.5% Train
    20.5% Complete
  • 2% Motorcycle
    2% Complete
  • 6.1% Bicycle
    6.1% Complete
  • 0.6% E-scooter
    0.6% Complete
  • 0.1% Ferry
    0.1% Complete
  • 10.3% Walk
    10.3% Complete
854 votes
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16 hours ago

UPDATE: Dixon Street/Willis Street sewer leak

The Team from Wellington Water

We have narrowed down the location of the issue to a 10m long concrete chamber at the Northern/Western corner of the Dixon Street/Willis Street intersection and will continue carrying out investigations to understand the extent of the issue. From this investigation we will form a construction plan to repair the concrete chamber.

We expect these works to continue throughout the day from 9am-4pm, for at least the next week. We will continue with the current traffic management, however any changes to the works area may alter traffic management. This will be advised if the case.

The leak is still affecting the inner Wellington Harbour, so we continue to warn people to stay out of the inner harbour specifically in the Whairepo Lagoon. We are continuing to update affected residents and businesses on the situation, and will update our website and social channels as more information comes to light.

18 hours ago

The NZ House & Garden House Tours are selling fast!

The Team from NZ House & Garden House Tours

NZ House & Garden House Tours are hitting the regions for 2020! Book your next summer weekend away now for a chance to step inside the pages of one of New Zealand’s favourite magazines! Join us for a day of indulgence visiting exquisite homes and gardens, all in support of Breast Cancer Foundation NZ. For the last eleven years, the magazine has handpicked five fabulous locations around the country and this time we are delighted to be heading to the Bay of Islands, Taupō, New Plymouth, Blenheim and Dunedin. For more information and to secure your tickets for an inspiring day out exploring, please visit our website.

18 hours ago

Are you seeing green?

The Team from Wellington Water

You may notice Wellington Harbour looking a little bright in patches along Oriental Parade. Don't be alarmed!

We were with Clyde Quay School this morning at Freyberg Beach, showing them how we use dye testing and explaining how the stormwater network flows to waterways. We placed dye in a stormwater sump, and watched it flow out into the harbour through the stormwater system. As it was high tide, not all of the dye came out so we expect to see more green dye flowing into the harbour throughout the day.

We use dye testing as a way to investigate broken pipes, cross connections and other issues within the network. It was great to be able to share this with the students and help them learn more about where water comes from and where it goes.

The dye is completely safe for the environment, and will dissipate as the tides change.