60 days ago

A vignette in the life of the Raumati "Stream"

Christine from Paraparaumu

I was at the Raumati stream estuary at high tide on Thursday after a Cuppa.I have never seen the stream so full, and the waves from the ocean were high and splashing angrily against the stopbank, then sweeping with a lot of force & speed up the rivermouth. I heard a "yelp" and my eyes were drawn to a wee golden coloured dog running at full speed across the sand, on the other side of the stream. It was being chased by a huge wave and I watched in horror as it lost the race. It was caught by the full force of the water and was knocked against a log at the side of the stream, then was swept away under the bridge,. From there it disappeared around the bend in the river, out of my sight. I had noticed its owner wandering around the point on the north side of the estuary, heading away from the stream. While I was still wondering what to do & who to contact for help (there was nobody around just then) I saw the water bring the wee dog back toward the mouth, on the other side of the stream, in imminent danger of being swept out to sea. It hit the log again and it somehow managed to grab (with claws?) onto the log & hang on long enough for the water level to drop. It then stumbled onto the sand, shook itself off & started off with another couple of yelps, after the woman, who came back around the point, said something to the dog & together they wandered off. As it trotted off quite happily with her, I realised she had no idea what an adventurous and traumatic 2-3 minutes the wee dog has just gone through.

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1 day ago

What do you make of Wellington Airport's expansion plans?

Katie Townshend Reporter from Dominion Post

Passengers using Wellington Airport can expect to be bussed to their aircraft during a billion-dollar revamp.
The 20-year redevelopment will also involve the airport effectively flipping its international and regional terminals. The northern terminal will be used for regional flights instead of the current international flights and the main terminal will be extended to the south and redesigned to cater for international and domestic flights. The airport has also confirmed the $31 million purchase of Miramar golf course, with the land to be used for additional aircraft parking.

1 hour ago

closed this week - no fish

Waikanae Crab

we are closed this week. no fish due to weather. if anyone needs any fish pies fishcakes or chowder please message I can meet you at the shop. thanks. have a great weekend.

8 hours ago

WATCH: Japan's Real Life Mario Kart

The Team from Play Stuff

Hi Neighbours, while waiting for the next Rugby World Cup match would you jump on board a real life Mario Kart?

When we heard that it was possible to experience real life Mario Kart in Tokyo with Maricar, we just had to visit. Join us as we dress up as Mario, jump in our go-kart and cruise through Tokyo. We speed past Roppongi, Tokyo Tower and the super famous Shibuya crossing. We didn't get the chance to throw any green shells or banana peels but this is definitely one of the most fun experiences in Tokyo.

Play Now: play.stuff.co.nz...