30 days ago

Should prisoners be allowed to vote in the council elections?

The team Reporter from Kāpiti Observer

Hi neighbours - prisoners have expressed that they want to be able to vote in both the general election and local body elections.

They say it would help them feel human and connected to the community, with former prisoner Awatea Mita saying the voting ban is "humiliating and dehumanising".

What do you think? Should prisoners be allowed to vote in the council elections? Read more here

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Join Gen Less

Gen Less

They all had their defining moments. Climate change is ours.
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6 hours ago

Rules - Spa Pools (Hot Springs etc)

Philip from Waikanae Beach

Has anyone experienced issues around local planning permission of a Spa Pool? We are rather flabbergasted by the illogicality of the recent (Jan19) changes to the code as interpreted by Kapiti. These rules - around the risks to children - seems to have been developed without the involvement of the manufacturers. How are such products be imported if they are already in breach? Why is the purchaser responsible? I would give a years salary for them to demonstrate how the risks they describe apply to our spa pool but they show absolute inflexibility.

9 hours ago

Learning Korean

Annelies from Nikau Valley

Hi, i would like to learn the Korean language and want to learn about Korean culture as well. Unfortunately its not possible for me to go to Wellington, so i’m hoping there is a private tutor here in the Kapiti area. If anybody is a tutor or maybe knows if someone who could teach me, please send me a message, thanks.