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Arrest after building sites burgled in Rangiora

Rahul Deo Neighbourly Lead from Rangiora

Hi Neighbours,

With the holiday season starting, thought of sharing the message to be cautious and vigilant of our surroundings and be watchful to protect each other.
It was disappointing to know that burglaries are happening on construction sites in our neighborhood.

However, it was satisfying to know that proactive steps and vigilance pays. Listed below is the news article about one such case today.

Again, stay safe and as always, lets care for each other. ! Many Thanks.

The source of the below article is from the Police website which I thought will be useful to share with everyone.

Source: www.police.govt.nz...
A 43-year-old Christchurch man was arrested and charged with the burglary of two building sites, in the new subdivision near Townsend Road Rangiora.
At about 10:30pm Wednesday 20 November the man went to the building sites where he loaded his van with landscaping equipment from one site, before removing a trailer from the neighbouring site.
Once the burglaries were discovered, Police were led to the alleged offenders address by a GPS tracking device that was on the stolen property.
The vehicle involved was also identified through surveillance cameras set up by one of the builders.
Through the security measures set in place by these builders, Police were able to make an arrest and return the stolen property.
The alleged offender is due to appear in Christchurch District Court on Monday 25 November.
Canterbury Police want to remind the community to take precautions against burglars.
The following measures will help reduce crime:
• preventing easy access or opportunity
• engraving tools
• locking and securing premises
• using available technology to alarm and monitor your property
• having tracking devices on valuable items

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Couriers !

Linda from Rangiora

Wondering if this is the norm for the couriers. Small parcel from Auckland to Rangiora 7 days and still not here. Snail mail is faster. Emailed and asked where it is as the parcel finder hasn't been updated since it left Auckland. Emailed them no reply for 2 days and counting. Rang them and they said we will ring you back but didn't say this year ! Still no email, no phone call, no parcel. Sadly fastways need rebranding, maybe snailways lol
Are there any better couriers ? or is the normal.

Update.... They lost it. Sadly it's a $300 xmas gift. Hopefully they find it. Sender being a business is on to it and if not found by Friday will get a refund from them, and send another. Only hope they use another courier service.