73 days ago

What's On: Te Horo Country Garden Tour

Barbara from Otaki District

13 glorious country gardens to see over Saturday and Sunday. Only $20 per day. Plant and garden stalls, cafe, raffles. See facebook page for more details or ring Barbara 0210362064.
Te Horo Country Garden Tour
  • Te Horo Hall
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3 hours ago

Hello all...

James Bishop from Waikanae Beach Community Garden

Hi there the Waikanae Beach Community Garden is looking for people to help share our vision both in weeding, planting share the harvest. We are also looking for mulch, fruit seedings and vegetables seedlings. Please send me a personal message for more information.

4 hours ago

Foxy tan and white

Tammy from Waikanae Beach

If this is ur dog around field way it's chasing cats and I have paradise ducks who will be released soon ur dog is near my cage seen it more then a few times now please lock it up we don't want it killing pets

1 day ago

Frigate f69--2005

Ian from Waikanae

Hi all need help trying to find a TV screening of this back in 2005,national geografic was there and made a TV programme of it..I worked in dismantling of this and to this day not seen the programme, does anyone have this or can point me in the right direction, I have searched till my eyes fell out and cant find nothing
Thanks for any leads or info......ps.......best job ever
Best regards Ian