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'Play gym' trap helps capture seven stoats at pest-free Shakespear Regional Park

Caroline Williams Reporter from Rodney Times

Seven stoats have been captured during an outbreak at Shakespear Regional Park, however it is estimated there could be around four more.

A stoat was first spotted in the 500-hectare pest-free sanctuary at the end of 2020. It later gave birth, meaning there may be up to 11 stoats wreaking havoc among the park's wildlife.

Two female stoats have been trapped this month, and last week the cameras spotted a stoat checking out a stoat “play gym” – a pile of debris placed on a log bridge and with traps inside – where one of its “presumed siblings” was trapped on July 2.

“We treat this positively as it is knowledge to inform next steps and a head start on where to target this next animal,” senior ranger at the sanctuary Matt Maitland said.

“There is genuine excitement that we are making progress, tempered with healthy realism of the task still ahead of us.”

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Free WALK-IN VACCINATION CENTRE at Gulf Harbour Yacht Club

Diane from Army Bay

Still looking to get vaccinated? Gulf Harbour Yacht Club is proud to offer our local community the chance to ensure we have immunity for our community and get back to doing the things we love 🥰 No bookings required - just drop in!! 😁🤩 Find us at the end of Laurie Southwick Drive - just before the boat ramp by the Ferry Terminal.
Today until Sunday 24th October
9am to 2.45pm daily

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