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Valentine's Day Special - Gurnard Meunière

New Zealand School of Food & Wine

Looking for a last minute Valentine's day special recipe for a date night in?

Try this Classic Crumbed Fish recipe with sauce Tartare.

2 fillets gurnard: 140 – 180 g each
2 tablespoons plain flour
1 tablespoon light olive or canola oil
15 g butter (unsalted)

For sauce
30 g butter (unsalted)
juice of ½ lemon
2 tablespoons small capers (optional)
lemon and chopped parsley

Full recipe on the link below.

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Where to find your favourite Hot Cross Buns in lockdown?

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Put your game face on

Evelyn Page Retirement Village

Playing games online isn’t just for the grandkids, we have a whole list of free game websites to keep you entertained; crosswords, jigsaw puzzles and sudoku to name a few.

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Drought: Auckland should have mandatory water restrictions now

Murray from Stanmore Bay

Auckland faces a water shortage with reservoirs below 52 per cent full, 25 per cent below normal and their lowest since Auckland's water crisis in 1992.
So come on Watercare, before its too late, put in water restrictions now. Don't be like the border controls for virus: too little, too late. Act now and stop excess use.