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Maths Results Week 10 Term 3 EducateMaths

Principal Director from EducateNZ - Maths Tutoring

EducateMaths Congratulates Student Achievers
Week 10 Term 3.

Pictured are certificate awardees from Week 9 and missed prior. Certificates were awarded for Achievement, Improvement, Practice and Progressions in Maths.

Week 10 Term 3 Intermediate/ Secondary Awardees......

Gold Achievement certificate: 15 points
Che` Y8 5 Achieved 1 Merit 3 Excellence
Brooke Y8 3 Achieved 4 Excellence

Silver Achievement certificate: 8 points
Kevin Y8 5 Achieved 1 Excellence

Bronze Achievement certificate points
Rosa Y8 5 Achieved

Primary and Intermediate Certificate Awardees

Gold Certificate:
Alex B Y6 4.16 weeks Maths Age progress
Luke Y8 212 minutes maths practice
Luke Y8 9 Maths Progressions

Silver Certificate:
Xavier Y3 3.64 weeks Maths age progress
Aalijah Y6, 203 minutes Maths Practice
Alex B Y6 11 Maths progressions
Carlos Y3 11 Maths progressions

Bronze Certificate:
Eva Y3, 3.12 weeks Maths Age progress
Carlos Y3, 3.12 weeks Maths Age progress
Xavier Y3 174 minutes Maths Practice
Xavier Y3: 9 Maths Progressions
Brandon Y8: 9 Maths Progressions

With the school holidays there will be no report next week. A Term Overview Report will be published the following week.

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