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Maths Certificate Awardees EducateMaths Week 10 Term 2

Principal Director from EducateNZ - Maths Tutoring

EducateMaths Congratulates Student Achievers Wk 10 Term 2.

Pictured are Certificate awardees from Week 9.
Certificates were awarded for Maths; Improvement, Practice and Progressions: Olivia Y8, Brooke Y8, Xavier Y3, Joshua Y3, Luke Y8, Toni Y8, Knixon Y4, Estelle Y8, Brianna Y4, Matthew Y10 and Aidan Y3.

EducateMaths through its national network of tutors meets the needs of students where ever they live. The internet is a powerful medium for Maths Tutoring.

Week 10 Secondary/Intermediate Certificate Awardees..

Gold Achievement certificate
Che' Y 8 3 Achieved 1 Merit 2 Excellence

Bronze Achievement certificate
Matthew Y10 2 Achieved 1 Excellence
Olivia Y8 3 Achieved 1 Merit
Brooke Y8 5 Achieved

Week 10 Primary and Intermediate Certificate Awardees

Gold Certificate:
Aidan Y3, 6.76 weeks Maths Age progress

Silver Certificate:
Xavier Y3 5.72 weeks Maths age progress

Bronze Certificate:
Ada Y6 3.64 weeks Maths Age progress,

Congratulations to the above students

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Certificate in Wine

New Zealand School of Food & Wine

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A Milestone for Harmony Circle, Warkworth

Paula from Snells Beach & Mahurangi East

1 Year Old Today!! And an amazing group of people!

We have a bi-weekly newsletter with heaps of great information. If you would like to receive a copy please message me your email address.
Or if you would simply like to know more about Harmony Circle get in touch on 027 239 9182.