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3 hours ago

Did you miss out on diagnostic appointments during lockdown?

Kelly Dennett Reporter from Sunday Star Times

People are diagnosed with cancer everyday in New Zealand, but what about during the coronavirus lockdown? We're keen to talk to someone whose diagnostic appointments were put on hold during alert level 4, and how this has affected you. If you are willing to share your story, and be identified, please email

4 hours ago

Free Mandarin Online Training

Eva from Melville

Dear all,do you want to learn a second language? Please Join us.
My friend, who is a Chinese language teacher, would like to teach our friendly neighbor online for those who want to study Mandarin for different purposes. Now I just start a simple survey-please email me

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1 day ago


Rudi from Hamilton Lake

SkyCity's application for extra pokies has been declined by the Gambling Commission on 4 June 2020 - This is a victory for the voice of the residents of Hamilton. So many organisations and groups submitted their opposition to the Gambling Commission.
After the public hearings which were held in Hamilton and the commission sifting through the arguments, have now ruled that the application did not meet the requirements as set out in the Act.
The applicant may still lodge an appeal.