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5 hours ago

World health organisation situation reports

Craig from Dinsdale

I have been following the World health organisation situation reports which come out daily and have noticed the quoted cases in New Zealand is consistently lower than those quoted to the public.
Now there could be some credible reasons for this such as probable cases not being included , time Of day reported to WHO not for same time span due to differences in time zones,
My understanding is probable cases are often someone who is assumed to have had the virus due to being the only link between two or more cases but may have been asymptomatic and no longer have the virus, of course if that’s the case these should also be counted as recovered cases.
I think we should be being quoted the same fingers as submitted to WHO
Otherwise we are open to conspiracy theory’s that the government is making situation look worse than it is to encourage compliance to the lockdown.
The who reports are one day behind so is yesterday’s reported cases but they show yesterday’s 6th April cases at 39 and current cases at 911.
Perhaps the government could explain why this is the case.

2 hours ago

Hey Mate! Don't light that fire!

Richard from Cambridge

There's a total fire ban on around the Waikato. The little rain we’ve had has evaporated and the ground, grass and bush are still tinder dry.

So how come a few people are ignoring the ban and burning hedge clippings, tree stumps or general clean-up rubbish? That's something that puzzles Paul Shaw, Principal Rural Fire Officer for the Waikato.

"The fire risk is extreme for most of the region, so when someone decides to burn off a heap of rubbish they are highly likely to set their surroundings alight,” he says.

“A lifestyle block owner in the Northern Waikato recently lit a fire that started off small but spread quickly and got out of control. Two Brigades has to turn out to what was an unnecessary, deliberately lit fire during the Total Fire Ban.”

Even a fire that appears safe can still cause unnecessary call-outs and serious logistical problems for the Fire Service.

“When members of the public see smoke they call 111, and we are obliged to send fire appliances and staff to investigate. Not only does that divert us from real emergencies it means that our staff and volunteers have to leave their safe Covid-19 ‘bubbles’ and risk a virus infection,” says Paul.

“We are doing our best to look after our personnel during the pandemic. We have stood down all over 70s, and many others have stood themselves down because they or members of their close families having underlying health issues. This has reduced the number of people we have available to respond.”

Paul emphasises that Fire and Emergency NZ will always be there to look after communities but right now they are asking the public to minimise the risk by not lighting any fires.

“We can’t afford to have our limited resources put in unnecessary danger because of fires lit by thoughtless people,” he says.

For further information contact Paul Shaw on 027 284 8636 or

3 hours ago


Sharon from Leamington

Supermarkets saying be kind
In canbridge they are ripping us off in our time of need
Look at these prices from pak N save today people and compare ours

4 99
Expires 12/04/2020

Truss and Loose Tomatoes
Product of New Zealand
1 99
Expires 12/04/2020

Skinless Chicken Breast
Product of New Zealand
9 99
Expires 12/04/2020

Lamb Leg Roasts
Bone In, Product of New Zealand
11 99
Expires 12/04/2020

Beef Rump Steak
Product of New Zealand
13 99