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Russell from Lynmouth - Moturoa

Now the Taranaki Council's know the Governments underhand intent and their deceitfulness with regards to the 3-Waters Theft, we, as ratepayers, should demand regular updates via email, text, letter or social media. This issue should be bigger than the Powerco deal - whether you agreed with it, or not, at least it was voted by our Council. I'm not sure how the 3-Waters Theft would work with regard to officially handing over the communities assets...will the Councillor's be required to vote - be good to know Neil.
Might be timely for a Million Messages to the other Cindy. "The Governor-General's constitutional role is to maintain the legitimacy and continuity of government by ensuring there is always a government in office with a democratic mandate to govern."

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What's On: New Plymouth Potters Annual Exhibition

Jo from Brooklands - Vogeltown

There are sculptures, artistic interpretations, and of course a few mugs! All hand-made by New Plymouth Pottery members, for admiration or to purchase. December 4th- January 8th.
New Plymouth Potters Annual Exhibition
  • JD Reid Gallery
3 days ago

Looking for an upholsterer

Sharleen from Bell Block

Needing office chair reupholstered.
Have contacted two businesses in New Plymouth, both saying cheaper to throw out and buy new but I’d prefer to fix what I already have.
Any recommendations for local reupholstering?
Cheers, Sharleen

8 hours ago

You are invited - Peace in the pre -Christmas season

St Andrews Presbyterian Church

In a year when life has been very different with mandates and non mandates, with lockdowns and traffic lights, our peace may be harder to find this Christmas. In all the “busy-ness“ have you lost hope or joy?

St Andrews will be open every weekday from

13 — 24 December fom 9:00am—1:00pm

to give all who would come a space to quieten their soul and have a space for reflection on what this season means to them. On both Thursdays (16th and 23rd) communion will be available to all who would like to partake of the Lords table .

All are welcome ...please share this invitation.