41 days ago

covid jabs

Margaret from Brooklands - Vogeltown

today our govt [pm] announced working tax payers in some cases will have to be vaxxed or lose their jobs but those not working an living off said tax paying WORKERS tax dollars dont , what the puck? ,, who here in NEW ZEALAND feels discriminated against . me as one jabbed with looking after myself an mine without bribes . Rob

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1 day ago

Staff needed

Donna from Spotswood

Tainui Rest Home is looking for part-time household and kitchen staff. If you’re interested please phone Hannah on 753 6597 ext 720 to arrange a chat

6 hours ago

Looking for an upholsterer

Sharleen from Bell Block

Needing office chair reupholstered.
Have contacted two businesses in New Plymouth, both saying cheaper to throw out and buy new but I’d prefer to fix what I already have.
Any recommendations for local reupholstering?
Cheers, Sharleen

6 hours ago

Pioneering a new way to live in retirement

Jean Sandel Retirement Village

When you choose a Ryman village, you’re free to do more of the things you love. Free to live life your way, secure in the knowledge that help’s here if you need it.

You can embrace today. Without worrying about the lawns, or the rates. It’s another example of how we’re pioneering retirement living.