58 days ago

The COVID-19 Vaccination

Deane from Strandon

I'm just wondering why there is so much pressure on me to book the jab... I've got a letter in the post with a secret (must not be disclosed with friends or family members) letter, an email and now tonight a text message to hurry me up and vaccinate against the lurgy. How did they get my cell phone number" why do I need a special secret code? Should I get the code tattooed on my inside wrist? (Never seen that before...) Why all of a sudden, there is this pressure, pressure, pressure to have the jab?

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3 minutes ago

It's that time of year again whānau...

The Team from Neighbourhood Support New Zealand

Make sure to update any manual clocks (don't forget about our older neighbours who might need a helping hand) and have a wonderful spring weekend!