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1 day ago

bee hives

Margaret from Brooklands - Vogeltown

I see by a report on stuff that commercial beekeepers can still dump their stripped hives close to our city boundary . here I am asking who where an when did council ask the community for their views?, large scale hives dumped over winter kill more local hives than anything else . Did someone get a backhander?. can anyone out there put their hand up a say they were asked? as for cats like my cats can we not reduce amount of council employees instead Rob

4 minutes ago

Garage Sale

Kirsty from Blagdon - Marfell

Wonderful Garage Sale 8am-11am
28 Skinner Street

Tools, Furniture, Antiques, Kitchenware, Pots, Nic Naks

3 hours ago

🎹 lessons

Sharlene from Brooklands - Vogeltown

Our whAnau 💖 🎶 we want to learn how to play our 🎹 and become less repetitive. The kids favorite tune is becoming painful. Is anyone interested in teaching us for a reasonable price. An exchange would be right on. I do reflexology and massage therapy