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What's On: Taranaki Singing Venture

Julian from Fitzroy

A joyful journey of six weeks singing music in harmony from around the world. We welcome everyone regardless of previous experience. Contact Julian at 0210767570 or communitymusic@xtra.co.nz
Taranaki Singing Venture
  • Knox Fitzroy Hall
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1 hour ago

Been Ripped off

Graeme from Whalers Gate

Letting people know about me being ripped off last week.Went to my Doctor in Waitara to get something to break Phlegm (Mucus) down. Got sent next door to the Unichem Chemist and the chemist grabbed a bottle of Robitussin off the shelf. $25, thanks very much. Ran out before the week was up. Got my wife to buy me another bottle, today from the Supermarket, South Rd, New Plymouth. $15. How can a Chemist justify that sort of increase in price. Waitara people, you are being Ripped off as well

1 day ago

At-Home Fire Safety Checklist

Fire and Emergency from Fire and Emergency New Zealand

With everyone staying home, it’s now more important than ever for everyone to be fire-safe. People can find information on our website - fireandemergency.nz...

We’re heading into winter, and with households self-isolating together, there’ll be more cooking at home, and more use of open fires, heaters, and dryers - all things which can increase fire risk.

New Zealanders can be confident that Fire and Emergency is well-prepared and ready to respond to emergencies as usual during the nationwide self- isolation period.

Please call 111 if you have a fire, we will ask you whether anyone at the address is self-isolating or has a confirmed case of COVID-19. Where this is the case, we already have necessary measures in place to ensure everyone’s safety including protective clothing, gloves, masks, safety glasses and mask.

3 days ago

Poll: How are you going to keep fit during the lockdown

Matt Rilkoff Reporter from Taranaki Daily News

We've all got to do our bit and stay home for the next four weeks. How are you going to keep fit during the lockdown?

How are you going to keep fit during the lockdown
  • 25.6% Early morning jogs when no one is around.
    25.6% Complete
  • 12.8% I've got my own gym set up at home.
    12.8% Complete
  • 5.1% Late night jogs when the streets are clear.
    5.1% Complete
  • 5.1% Push-ups in my lounge.
    5.1% Complete
  • 5.1% Star-jumps in my back yard.
    5.1% Complete
  • 15.4% I will follow some online exercise classes.
    15.4% Complete
  • 30.8% Lockdown is no time for exercise.
    30.8% Complete
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