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Want to make your community safer, more resilient and better connected in 2020? Become a Neighbourhood Supporter today! 🏠🧡

The Team from Neighbourhood Support New Zealand

When you join a Neighbourhood Support group you will:

• Have a great way to get to know the people that live around you.

• Receive emails and alerts that will keep you up-to-date with news from our community partners, including New Zealand Police, Fire and Emergency NZ and NZ Civil Defence.

• Gain tips and resources to improve your household and neighbourhood safety.

• Learn how you can be better prepared for emergencies, and more.

Best of all - it’s FREE to join!

Click below to learn more and find your nearest group today...

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12 hours ago

Thinking of travelling but worrying about who could look after your pets?

Carole Garnham from Go4iT Travel - Carole Garnham

I would like to do a bit of a shout out for this amazing local Taranaki service that I have just learnt about today. I see this to be a common problem and real worry for some of my clients. So yes you can still go on holiday and not worry about your fur babies - help is at hand!
Here is a peek of what these locally based guys can offer;
Feeding (all animals)
30 minutes • Tailored visits to suit you & your pets.
Feeding your animals the way you want. There are no additional fees for multiple pets, our first “meet and greet”, key pick up or drop off, mail retrieval, bringing trash to the curb or watering your plants
Walking (as best for your dog)
30 minutes • Tailored visits to suit you & your pets.
Walking your dog/s the way you want. There are no additional fees for multiple pets, our first “meet and greet”.
For more information check out the link below.

17 hours ago

Beautify your workspaces

The Team from Resene ColorShop New Plymouth

Get organised with these handy storage ideas for the office or kids’ corner.

Create a colourful geometric-inspired space with your favourite Resene colours.

Make the most of this weekend with this easy step by step project idea from Resene.

Find out how to create this quick and easy project yourself

17 hours ago

What's On: New Community Gallery Opening Soon

Heidi from Strandon

Early February will see the opening of a new community gallery in New Plymouth. Gover St Gallery. Everyone and anyone welcome to exhibit their work. For more information : goverstgallery@gmail.com
New Community Gallery Opening Soon
  • Gover St Gallery