14 days ago

Water fluoridation - NP District Council

Charles from Lynmouth - Moturoa

Fluoridation as far as I am aware was removed from the NP water supply without consultation several years ago. According to our dentists and other health professionals this has caused a dental decay epidemic. Not unexpected in my opinion. With the Council elections upon us once again would all intending candidates please state their stance on this issue.

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5 days ago

Electric Cars.

Roger from Welbourn

I will start off by saying that we all know that New Zealand is subjected to power cuts at times because of droughts when the hydro lakes get very low and the power companies restrict power. What I would like to know, Are the power charging stations around the country for Electric cars going to be subjected to those same power cuts. I can just imagine scores of people in their electric cars driving up to get charged up only to find there is none and get stranded half way through their trip. Has Ms. J. Genter of the Green party and this Labour Govt. thought about that when they have just introduced the scheme of cheaper electric cars instead of normal petrol or diesel or dual power. They would have been better off by investing more time and money into Hydrogen powered vehicles like Hyundai are showing on TV and only water comes out. How clean and green would that be. Also what I would like to know is what are they going to do with the old batteries from cars when they pack up and not to mention that car batteries I am led to believe are made from oil. Maybe another idea would be to have place where you could exchange your batteries for fully charged ones and be on your way again. Also with all the technology these days why can't electric cars charge themselves while they are going along. ??.

3 days ago

What do you want to see in your city?

Katherine from Westown

Hi Everyone! I am running for council in New Plymouth in this year's local elections. I wanted to ask for feedback from the community about what you want to see more or less of in our city! Do you have any suggestions for shaping the city in the coming years? What's going well that you would like to see more of? I'm keen to hear all about it! Please share your comments below :) I might not have any of the answers at this stage but I'm curious to hear what topics people are interested in. Thank you!

1 hour ago

What's On: Salvation Army Book Fair

Kay from Hamilton Central

Welcome to our book fair!  1 2 3 August, doors open at 9.00am, Eftpos available. Swap a can of food for a kids book.   ph 0274910012 for more details
Salvation Army Book Fair
  • The Salvation Army New Plymouth