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4 minutes ago

Do you know an amazing gardener?

Reporter NZ Gardener & Get Growing

NZ Gardener and Ryman Healthcare are on the hunt for the 2020 Ryman Healthcare Gardener of the Year! We're looking for green thumbs doing heroic work for their community.

Do you know someone sharing the veggies they've grown with their neighbours? Perhaps locals restoring a park in the area to bring back birds, or a group of neighbours doing a great job in their community garden. Nominate them today!

Click here and tell us why they deserve to be this year's Ryman Healthcare Gardener of the Year.

1 day ago

Things that surprise Kiwis returning to NZ

Lorna Thornber Reporter from Stuff Travel

Hi everyone,
I'm working on a travel story for Stuff about the things that have surprised returning Kiwis about New Zealand. If you have recently returned from overseas or know someone who has, it would be great to hear about the things that have stood out for you, for better or for worse. Whether it's to do with the weather, the cost of things, the public transport, the food, the housing, the people or something else entirely, we'd be keen to hear about it. Please remember that your comment may be included in the article, unless you say you don't want it to be. Thank you.

2 hours ago

CropSwap Merrilands re-starts

Russ from Merrilands

Hi everybody Crop Swap Merrilands re-starts on the 1st August after it's enforced break due to Covid-19

What's a Crop Swap I hear you ask?

In Crop Swap, backyard gardeners meet on a regular basis to share locally grown and homemade food, exchange gardening knowledge and build relationships. Crop Swaps are beneficial not only for the natural environment, they are a space to connect, enhance the quality of life for the individual and help build well connected communities that are based on generosity and fairness.

We meet on the first Saturday of the month at Merrilands Domain Hall at 4-5pm, come along with any garden produce surplus, fruit, veg, seedlings, etc, or home baking, jams, pickles etc and swap them for items other swappers have brought. A meet begins with finding a space on a table to add your items, have a mooch around to see what everyone else has brought, have a chat to like minded people, gain or impart some greenfingered knowledge to others. at 4:30 we ring the bell and swapping begins, have a walk around, take a bit of what you fancy, being mindfull that some people cannot move as fast as others.

We ask for a gold coin donation to help cover the cost of hiring the hall.

We have an email list which sends out a reminder the week before the event, if you would like to be included on this list please email me at