28 days ago

How to deal with neighbourhood disputes

Jo Haywood Reporter from Homed

Hey neighbours, most of us are lucky enough to get on with the people we live next door to, but what can you do if you don't?

We asked some experts how to stop minor irritations turning into something more serious, and who you can you turn to if things start to get out of hand - because being better neighbours can only have a positive impact on the quality of our communities, and who wouldn't want that :)

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6 days ago

Fix our ROADS

Karl from Spotswood

Can anyone tell me when the NPDC is going “FIX OUR ROADS” Especially on the truck routes!
While driving around my little town, I notice streets with sections full of roadwork signs and cones, but there’s no apparent work being done so why are these road cones and signs left behind. Then there’s potholes with no signage or cones.
And can someone please let me know what is happening with the stadium?

4 days ago

What's On: plant Collecters Fair

Alison from New Plymouth

rare and excotic plants for sale starting at 10 am finishing 3pm so get there on time for the best selections
plant Collecters Fair
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10 hours ago


Wendy Smith from Pukekura Toastmasters

Wednesday 18th September 7:30-9:30pm
Bellringer Pavilion, Pukekura Park
At our meetings you can experience the supportive and encouraging environment that is Toastmasters, and make new friends. Toastmasters is for everyone - eg. working professionals, students, stay-at-home parents, retirees - and we at Pukekura Toastmasters are an interesting mixture of fun, friendly people of varying ages and backgrounds.
Come along, bring a friend, meet a new friend, solve the mystery and discover what we’re all about.
Refreshments provided.
Image credit: Maurice Betts, The Taranaki Sketchers
'Bridge at Fountain Lake', Pukekura Park, July 2013