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So Omicron is amongst us or around corner.

Charles from Lynmouth - Moturoa

Hi all. Excuse me if you have in hand but if you have any elderly relatives or elderly people living nearby please keep a regular eye on them; ensure they are safe; have sufficient supplies and the means to get any necessary medical treatment. Also drop in for a chat occasionally if you are able. Regards Charles Le Breton

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6 days ago

Local weather forecasts and recommendation.

Charles from Lynmouth - Moturoa

Has anybody noticed how bad the weather forecasts for Taranaki are? For the last couple of years I have tended to look at the weather maps in the Daily News as they tend to be more accurate. By comparison the forecasts we see on the national stations tend to be over emotive and more often than not wrong. Do they know where Taranaki is? I have recently started looking at the NIWA website. I would highly recommend this. After a couple of months I have found it hardly ever wrong and it is far more descriptive. I am aware our mountain can cause local variations but this cannot explain the discrepancies. in my opinion. Hi Neighbours - what do you think?

5 hours ago

Volly Call - Calling Knitters / Crocheters

Wendy Richards from Volunteering New Plymouth

Do you want to do something with the time you will have over the next few weeks or months –now that the cooler weather and winter is coming?

We at Volunteering New Plymouth are all about responding to needs we see in the community.

The latest need that we have learnt of are items to help with the colder weather coming up and also care support toys for children

Currently we have some wool waiting for someone to knit / crochet something with and we understand that there is a need for slippers and headbands - we have other patterns for smaller items like teddies, hearts, puppy and these are always a welcome item for a variety of organisations who are supporting children.

Are you looking for something to do during these colder nights and know how to knit / crochet the basic stitches and can follow a pattern then this is possibly something that you may like to become involved in.

We are also putting out a call for more wool too, – so before you have your next big throw out – think of recycling that wool to us. if you are unsure give us a call and check.

We are looking to supply Organisations like these with knitted items:

• Age Concern
• Taranaki Women’s Refuge
• Women’s Centre
• Food Banks
• Hospital Wards

"People can do this as a one off or you can do it over a longer period of time,".

We are looking for people to become part of our home knitting / crochet team. "You just need time, enthusiasm and a smiling face," For those willing to help, we will hold a meeting of new Knitters / Crocheters to a “Knit or Knot” coffee meeting sometime next month to share ideas and how to hints’ also look at what you would like to make. We have some patterns available – however we are open to any others that people have ideas for and so this get together will be a great time to share ideas and from there the creativity begins.

We are looking to find people who could become part of the team as well as someone who is interested in Coordinating this so that perhaps this could include an ongoing social get together – so if you are interested in doing something from home and can use knitting needles or a crochet hook, we are keen to talk with you.

If you're interested in knitting, or donating wool, it does not matter how much you have – we can use any amount – including part skeins – it can be knitting cotton, Acrylic or pure wool, any ply and any type of wool also if you have, knitting needles or crochet hooks that are sitting in the cupboard or if you think you would like to help in some other way perhaps or just want to know more, please contact Wendy at Volunteering New Plymouth on 06 758 8986, Ph/Text 022 571 4228 or Email: admin@volunteeringnewplymouth.nz

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Mobil Stratford is now open!


Celebrate with their double points opening special. Receive double Mobil Smiles points when you purchase fuel at Mobil Stratford until 3 June 2022. 

With Mobil Smiles you can earn rewards and get fuel discounts. Follow this link to download the Mobil NZ app and earn points today:

Find Mobil Stratford at 402 Broadway, Stratford.
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