46 days ago

Theft of Large Christmas Wreath from Ivy Lane Florist

Wendy from Highlands Park

I am putting this post up on behalf of a friend who owns Ivy Lane Florist at Spotswood. Steph does so much for others and has a community garden in front of her shop for locals and some low life has decided that they wanted it. Please if you see it let Steph know

Feeling gutted / disappointed.
This year I have had a big wreath on display on my entrance wall to the shop ... this morning i get to the shop and it's gone :-(
It's been cut right from the top so would have required 2 people, and it's the size of a large hula hoop so someone would have seen
We have provided a community garden outside the shop where you are welcome to take herbs and salad ingredients we even have strawberries - dont take my work!

Would be nice to get it back ... or I hope someone enjoys their stolen present .

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4 hours ago

2020 Midweek non-delivery!

Susan from Frankleigh Park

So once again no Midweek in Govett Avenue, so please can everyone go to the website www.fixmydelivery.co.nz... and report this, then maybe we will get papers in 2020. If there isn't anyone to deliver in the area then how about they leave a pile of papers at the 24 Hr Laundromat on Govett Ave and we can pick one up. Really annoying that we are not getting the paper!
Also people and businesses pay to advertise in the paper on the basis that it goes out to everyone, so basically they are paying for something that they don’t get - not very fair to them or to the people who want to read the ‘weekly’ paper.

7 hours ago

"Old Time Hymn Service"

Jean Bennetts from New Plymouth Corps - The Salvation Army

Sunday 3rd February at 2pm in Knox Church Community Centre, 17 Grey Street, Waitara. All welcome.

13 hours ago

The absurb situation, that the NPDC created at Frankleigh Park Shopping Centre.

Tom P from Lynmouth - Moturoa

Well Done Morris the the group of concerned ciriens and rate-payers on the protest against the NPDC once again forgetting why they are employed by the rate payers. Morris, carry on the Good fight, you have many many people backing this stand and reminding the buracrats in B>S Castle that sometimes, a little common sense can help!