225 days ago

Why Property Investors should Have KiwiSaver

Michael Lay from Foresight Financial Planning

Interesting article and a strong argument for adopting KiwiSaver. I think that the essence of this article goes beyond just property investors and really is relevant to almost everyone.

What is essentially "free" money, diversification of investments and the value of learning about investments are the main arguments outlined here. Do you have any other reasons why/why not people should be in KiwiSaver? I'd love to hear your opinion.

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1 day ago

How are you finding the new rubbish bin system?

Blanton Smith Reporter from Taranaki Daily News

We're a few weeks into the new bin system, so how are you finding it? Is it working for you, or did you prefer the old bags and bins system?

25 days ago

Clips for bins

Carolyn from Highlands Park

I collected a clip from the council last week to lock the lid on the recycling bin after it got blown over in the wind. I had to pay $4 for one. I was told that if I returned my left over pink bags it would be free. We see rubbish around the streets on windy days which is never picked up. If council were to make these clips free more people would get them and we do indirectly pay for the bags and bins. Surely it would be in the best interests of council to provide them (supply them with the bins on delivery) to keep our city tidy.seems like a no brainer to me