46 days ago

The Crims are already back to Level one.

Charles from Lynmouth - Moturoa

Sadly crime has not stopped. Cars have been the favourite target during the last week plus the odd break-in, bike and other theft. Also several cases of suspicious activity. In a couple of cases with latter culprit quickly backed away when apprehended so keep your eyes on alert. Remember to ring 111 for emergencies or 105 for serious actions where immediate threat is passed. To get full information direct see www.ewatch.org.nz....

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1 day ago

Need to build up your immunity?

Sheryl from Inglewood

My little wearable device Healy has the ability to detect where your frequency is weakened and then can transmit the balancing frequency! How cool is that - what to try it out? Give me a call or check out my Facebook page. Hear from you soon.

15 hours ago

Roving Dogs in Moturoa

Rebekah from Lynmouth - Moturoa

There are a couple of roving tan coloured short haired dogs who are roaming & come onto our properties at night in St Aubyn St opposite the Mission Church, chasing cats with intent. Thomas the cat only has 3 legs & is terrified, it has been happening over the last few nights & is a back section. This is not cool & is worrying the neighbours, any idea where they are from...would like this to stop please.

3 hours ago

Family needing or wanting to come back to NZ!

Carole Garnham from Go4iT Travel - Carole Garnham

Have had a few requests from kiwi overseas wanting to get back to New Zealand of which I have been able to help. It is a minefield with paper work to be completed, rules and regulations changing constantly. Anyone needing assistance for their family please give me a call as now is not the time to be dabbling with arrangements online.