100 days ago

Inland Revenue Scam

Peter from Stoke

Watch out for these. I was told that I was due $500+ refund. I just needed to follow the instructions.
It looked very official and proper but, being of a suspicious nature, I noted that it started Dear. and no name followed.
I then went to the From and it showed a very strange address - irdsonline@returngstnewzealand.at At which point I left well alone.
There have been other scams mentioned on this site so I hope this reinforces them.
Please feel free to send this information to any of your contacts, who may not see Neighbourly.

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5 days ago

Supple@65+ great new class for a new year and more mobile you!

Leigh from Britannia Heights

Feel stiffer, noticing movements are quite as free as you'd like, balance a bit wobbly? Come to Supple@65+ and change that! All welcome. Class starts in February.

SUPPLE@65+flyer.docx Download View

7 hours ago

Wanted to buy - 100 litre (or thereabouts) drum

Clive from Stoke

Either steel or plastic. Doesn't have to be in perfect condition or have lid.
Text 021 076 5136

1 day ago


Paul from Redwood Valley

looking for a wheel for a wheel barrow .The barrow is the old flat style