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One short email from you can help open their eyes...

Jean from Tahunanui

Councillors seem to me to be at least a year behind the times in their thinking. Replies to date from councillors to my email protesting the $44 million library precinct and the 7% cumulative rates increases for the next 7 years, basically say that they've had very few complaints, that they think they're acting in our best interests, that they can feel the 'synergy' this would bring; one even said they could imagine " a virtual electro-magnet for the kind of talent that will bring our city investment, innovation, opportunities and jobs." LISTEN UP COUNCILLORS! We are facing climate change with storms, fires, flooding; the real possibility according to the latest scientists of Covid getting into NZ; we have the dire situation of residents who are homeless, or hungry, poor - young people can't even afford their first home, let alone pay rental prices... and we have infrastructure and a housing crisis that can't possibly cope with an influx of electro-magnetically attracted talent. This Council needs to open their eyes to reality, not wonderful beautiful nice-to-have visions that are out of touch.
if you're at all concerned about this council's plans for a $44 million library and huge cumulative rates increases of around 7% a year for seven years- please do pop off just a brief email to them stating your concern! An email to councillors@ncc.govt.nz will be sent to each and every councillor.

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Meet Green Gables’ warm and experienced new Care Manager.

Oceania Healthcare

Oceania has always believed in better and so does Green Gables’ new Care Manager, Jackie Mackenzie-Howe

As a proud Nelson local, Jackie is thrilled to be able to step into a role that allows her to be a part of her community. And drawing on 25 years of experience in Aged Care, it’s a profession that she truly has a passion for.

Jackie believes that great care means relaxed residents and families, and a team of staff that are engaged and happy. It’s that belief in the human side of care that drew Jackie to Green Gables.

“Our clinical care is excellent, but we believe in going beyond the standard medical model to cater to the holistic needs of our residents, so it’s all about the lifestyle - the beautiful environment, dining experience and adding all the extra touches. That, I believe, is what sets us apart.” she says.

To learn more about our Care Suites with Rest Home and Hospital level care, get in touch with Jackie today.
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Looking for an apprentice?


Advertise your entry-level and apprentice roles with Competenz through our online job board, we have pre-qualified and motivated jobseekers ready to match with your organisation.
Find your next apprentice with Competenz!

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Donations needed.

Gail French from Red Cross Shop Richmond

The Richmond Red Cross shop would appreciate donations of house hold items and furniture.
All donation can be dropped off at our Queen St shop or we can collect them from you by ringing 035444956.
Thank you for your support.