49 days ago

2 LOST CATS ... kidnapped by a Cat Lady

Ray from Toi Toi - Washington Valley

My 100-year-old (14 yrs) boy Spencer has been taken by a family member.
Also my 8-year-old girl cat, ShaSha. (Long story - don't ask!)
The person has hidden both our cats, most likely around Champion Rd, Richmond, or Lower Queen St. Could be a motel, or temporary accommodation.

Detailed Description:
1) Spencer: Average sized male. Black with white nose, chest, underbelly and paws. 14 yrs. Very needy, as he's old.
2) ShaSha: Smaller tabby female. More trusting. 7-8 yrs.

Any possible sightings? Ph or txt : Ray 021 135 8739 urgentlee. Thanks.

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23 minutes ago

display ad

James from Stoke

I'd like to know what happened to the display ad I paid for.
To see display advertising requires searching through pages of ads but mine is not there. communication to Neighbourly is not responded to. I think its a scam.

3 days ago

Are you overwhelmed by your possessions?

Marcia from Sorted to Go

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1 day ago

Poll: Should children take their own laptops to school?

Katy Jones Reporter from The Nelson Mail

Some high schools have made it a requirement for students to take their own devices into school. Recommended laptops range from around $600 to $1300. Do you think this is the right move?

Should children take their own laptops to school?
  • 25.5% Yes - I will explain in comments
    25.5% Complete
  • 74.5% No - I will explain in comments
    74.5% Complete
51 votes