404 days ago


Barry from Stoke

I have west coast whitebait in one and half pound packs fresh frozen at 30 and15 dollars respectively.Please phone me Barry at 5476025 if you would like to order.Free delivery for orders 5lb or more if required Nelson city area. Thanks..


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1 day ago

Poll: YOUR VIEWS MATTER. Waimea Road traffic lights Poll.

Mel from Stepneyville

You have been expressing your uncertainties/concerns with me regarding the proposed new traffic lights planned for the corner of Beatson Road & Waimea Road. The traffic lights are being installed to service a new retirement complex presently under construction & for residents living on Princess Drive. You have expressed doubts as to whether the volume of traffic from this area requires traffic lights or would a roundabout be more suitable. You have also suggested a third option of traffic merging left when travelling to the city & traffic (off the hill) turning right into Beatson Road when travelling to Stoke.



YOUR VIEWS MATTER. Waimea Road traffic lights Poll.
  • 76.9% Vote for a Roundabout or other
    76.9% Complete
  • 23.1% Vote for Traffic lights
    23.1% Complete
26 votes
20 hours ago

Cabinet maker

Andrew from Richmond

Does anyone know a cabinet maker? I am looking to have one or two largish glass fronted cabinets made to house a model collection. Preferably made of wood with glass front and perhaps led lighting. I would require references or examples of work done

2 hours ago

Window cleaners

Shane from Stoke

Hi Neighbours
Looking for recommendations for a window cleaner as soon as possible.