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Made in Nelson.

Craig from

Hand and Surface Sanitizer available now!
Made in Nelson
Also we a good stock of certified masks.
Touch free Sanitizer dispensers
Bulk Refills
Custom made sanitizer stands
Orders and pricing please visit

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Moutere . 25.05.2020

Michael from The Wood

Moutere. 25.5.2020

1 day ago

Newborn Photos for Nelson Families

Jasmine from Nelson South

Hi all,

Recently I advised free newborn photos for Nelson families on my business Facebook page called Mark The Moment. This offer is for the entire of June and some of July while I am building my portfolio. Within 12 hours I was fully booked with 10+ mothers keen to get photos of their newborns (0 - 14days old) 👶.

I currently have a cosy, warm set up for newborn babies with all the studio lighting and photography equipment but I am lacking in props, mainly wraps.

I am looking for the following donations for newborns:
*Merino, mohair bonnets & or outfits. Similar to these:
*Mandala bump blanket - mint/aqua green, coral pink
*Wooden bowl - big enough for newborn to fit in
*Blanket throws roughly 200cm long and 170cm wide
*Wraps similar to these:
*Headbands - such as
*I won't need any booties or muslin wraps

In return I will give you photos that I take with whatever you donate & the newborn baby. This is part of the condition for getting the free photos. You may use the photos for your business, to show friends and family your talent etc

Please get in touch if you or anyone you know would be interested. I have a large client base at the moment!!