60 days ago

New Zealand versus overseas holidays

Lorna Thornber Reporter from Stuff Travel

Hi everyone, 
We'd be keen to hear from those of you who had to cancel an overseas trip due to Covid-19 and holidayed in New Zealand instead. How did you find your NZ trip? Was it better or worse than you expected? Did you enjoy it as much as you think you would have enjoyed your overseas holiday? And did it change your views about holidaying domestically?
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8 days ago

Carpet and Vinyl Layer available

Matt from Taradale

hi guys just putting it out there I'm a qualified vinyl and carpet layer been in the industry for over 15 years looking for domestic or commercial customers,
Feel free to text me or ring me on 0272143530

9 days ago

Builder needed

Kerry and Jon from Taradale

Does anyone know of a builder who isn’t super, super busy atm? Just a small job

1 day ago

Key tips for a warmer, drier home – 9/9 – Washing

Robert Anderson from Curtain Clean Napier

Dry your washing outside or in the garage or carport.

Created by New Zealand's Ministry of Health.