39 days ago

someone to help me reinstate my facebook pages?

Christine from Hospital Hill

Hi, a week ago I was blocked from my facebook pages, one of which is my Art teaching business page. Its taken me 4 years to establish this. It also means no access to any of my Private Messenger contacts overseas friends and family.
I have provided the security ID as requested by F book - a pic of driver's license, but as yet, still no access to Fb. It would be good if I could meet up with someone to look at this and see if I need to start from the beginning and create a completely new F b account?
If there is a cost I am prepared to look at that. I am in Napier
Also any comments here would be appreciated :)

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2 days ago

The absurdity of prayer.

Bruce from Napier South

"We shared it with the church on Sunday," Jack Lamborn said.

"I stood up and asked everyone to get back on their knees and pray for our son.''

6 hours ago

NumberWorks'nWords Arcade

NumberWorks'nWords Hawkes Bay

Check out NumberWorks’nWords for a gallery of fun games for practicing and consolidating Maths and English skills. The games help to reinforce the concepts taught in our tutoring sessions and make learning fun!

1 day ago

Cambridge: The Kiwi town that could become the next big thing

Trupti Biradar Reporter from Stuff Travel

Cambridge is so much more than just a town you drive through. Click the link below for a few reasons to consider sticking around a bit. #backyourbackyard