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Office space in Hastings urgently required to accommodate Big Brother Big Sisters

Kath Boyd from Big Brothers Big Sisters of Hawke's Bay

Office space in Hastings urgently required to accommodate Big Brother Big Sisters who are currently housed at the Hastings Sports Centre. Our team of three need to move from our office space by the 10th July to accommodate council staff from Heretaunga House which requires building work.
We are extremely grateful to HDC who have been generous in supporting us over the past year. HDC have kindly left the door open should we want to return to the office space once a decision has been made on the future of Heretaunga House.
BBBS need office space that could accommodate three people two days a week. We also need space to store a filing cabinet and other items. If necessary we could provide our own desks, chairs etc.
We will be moving from the Sports Centre by Friday 10th July, however the team can work from home until alternative accommodation is found. If you can help please call Patricia Small on 022 581 2965 or email: Patricia@bbbs.nz

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Peter William’s Natural Joint Secret

Koru Nutrition

Peter Williams reports a natural cream that supports his joints and helps to keep him active.

“When I get up in the morning, I want to know that my joints are healthy, flexible and ready for the day.”

“I recommend Koru FX cream by Koru Nutrition. It’s New Zealand made, natural, fast acting and long lasting. It has become NZ’s #1 fastest growing topical joint and muscle support cream and I can see why.”

“Ask for Koru Nutrition’s Koru FX cream next time you’re in the pharmacy and try it for yourself.”
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Sinking of the Marquette 23 October 1915

Denise from Marewa

A survivor is buried in Park Island cemetery: George Theordore Lawlor.


16 hours ago

Unveiling for a WW1 Veteran

Denise from Marewa

On Saturday, 6 November at 11am, a headstone will be unveiled for a veteran who las lain in an unmarked grave since August of 1938.

Thanks to Genealogy Investigations and NZ Remembrance Army, a headstone has been purchased and will be unveiled with a service.

There is limited parking in the cemetery so parking down by the dog agility equipment or at the sportsgrounds is recommended. The cemetery is beside the cycleway.

Park Island Cemetery