19 days ago

Drones over Pirimai betwee 0800pm to 0600 am

Velma from Pirimai

Night flying of drones…..hmmm Why would 10 or so drones be active over the area of Pirimai?
Who is organising this and why aren’t police stopping it? Drones can be seen easily but not easily to planes flying VFR. These morons could bring a plane down on our homes especially when they are so close to the flight path around the airport. Support your neighbours and report these illegal operators.

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6 hours ago

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4 days ago

Suggest a podiatrist please

Shiva from Greenmeadows

Hi community, can you please suggest a podiatrist in Napier ( specialized in diabetic foot). My mum is visiting us for 3 months and has a foot ulcer which needs dressing every week. I want to know someone genuine and does a good job please. Thanks in advance.

12 hours ago


Paula from Taradale

Does anyone have a hair dryer please