61 days ago

looking for cat crate

Tessa from Hospital Hill

We have two cats at EIT who are semi tame and live under the ideaschool building. We were under the impression that an EIT IT staff member was going to be on campus so could feed the cats but unfortunately no one is allowed there. So we are looking to take the cats home to a person's place but she needs a large crate for the cats to live in for a couple of weeks while they adjust to a more domesticated life. Does anyone have anyone have anything? I have also contacted Carlyle Vets. thanks tessa

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5 days ago

water pipes leaking yet again

Christine from Hospital Hill

Again we have no water at all, not one drop. Again our water has been turned off by the council to repair dodgy water pipes.
Again we had no warning of this going to happen so we could ensure we at least had a supply of water so we could drink, wash & cook food.
This has been going on for years - can you tell we are over it!
Instead of patching up the old pipes, as the old council did, this new Council needs to take some responsibility in replacing the pipes.
We voted this council in so these issues would be resolved.
There is always a solution to every problem. In this case its replacing the pipes not patching them up again and again and again.
Come on Council - use our rates money to sort this issue out on Hospital Hill - we are in Ormond Road and we are over the inconvenience and downright lack of respect in not being given any warning we will, once again, find we have no water supply.

8 hours ago

Agee Jars

Hannah from Napier South

Is there anyone with some spare Agee Jars they no longer want ? Please let me know

7 hours ago

Maths in Daily Life

NumberWorks'nWords Hawkes Bay

Have you heard your child say "Why do I ever need to know this?" Relating maths to real life can help your child understand the why!