68 days ago

looking for cat crate

Tessa from Hospital Hill

We have two cats at EIT who are semi tame and live under the ideaschool building. We were under the impression that an EIT IT staff member was going to be on campus so could feed the cats but unfortunately no one is allowed there. So we are looking to take the cats home to a person's place but she needs a large crate for the cats to live in for a couple of weeks while they adjust to a more domesticated life. Does anyone have anyone have anything? I have also contacted Carlyle Vets. thanks tessa

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Terry from Napier South

A librarian in Napier told me to tell you the Napier libraries are open for business old school go to library and pick your books use your library card and get what u want go get.

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morning tea

Dave from Maraenui

please and thank you