55 days ago

A fictional look!

Collin from Hospital Hill

Don't you just love it how one word is changed to push for our acquiescence - take the excerpt below which promotes this goal!
Who decided we needed this goal and what benefit is the goal to us, the plebs?
"engage" is used when "control" is meant but of course one should never, ever question this aspect.
A non kiwi is quoted telling us we need to lift our game and embrace this highly questionable 5G - to suit whom?
IoT is 100% about total control which is cleverly disguised as being beneficial but ask yourself: do you really need to turn your bathroom heater on ( if your Electric supplier will let you ) 10 minutes before u arrive at your door.
Keep in mind that if we all go the solar panel way, then a day of high overcast will mean sweet all electricity, but you can bet the official turning "all heaters to off" will still have their abode fully powered.

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2 hours ago

Mobile Hairdresser

Deanna from Bluff Hill

Hi my name is Dee i am a qualified hairdresser with over 25 years of experience I am available to come to your home after 330 pm daily to contact me phone 02041638501

6 hours ago

Free Rooster - Urgently Requires New Home

Gill from Bluff Hill

Based in Napier
Hi - our baby chicken has grown into a Rooster and therefore needs to find a new home before our neighbours start to complain ! He is approx 13 weeks old
Not sure of breed - possibly a Araucana - we got him as a fertilised egg
Free to a good home or ideally would love to swap him for a hen of around the same age so Mummy hen still has a baby to look after.

3 hours ago

Stuck with someone to buy a gift for... what about a new and improved Entertainment Book

The Team from Red Cross - Hastings Service Centre

Make everyday a holiday with the Gift of Entertainment. Give the gift of year round savings and support New Zealand Red Cross at the same time.

In 2020 the Entertainment Book is moving to a digital only subscription which means no book book to carry around just online savings straight to your phone.

* Benefits of the new digital book are...
* Valid for 12 months from activation
* Delivered instantly to your inbox
* Redeem thousands of offers near you in an instant
* New offers are regularly added for more value all year round
* National offers that are available throughout NZ, even outside of your purchased region (including Hawkes Bay)
...plus 20% of every sale benefits New Zealand Red Cross

To purchase the digital book simply visit - www.entertainmentbook.co.nz..., select your membership type and "New Zealand Red Cross - Waikato Bay of Plenty Region" as the recipient of donation.

Unfortunately at this stage there is not a Hawke's Bay book, however there are a number of national offers that more than make it worth your while and are applicable to our region including; The Coffee Club, Curves Gym, St Pierres Sushi, Columbus Coffee, Vivo Hair, Brumbys, Starbucks, Apex car rental and more... plus you can use your book when travelling to get dining suggestions and save money!

Discover real entertainment. Create lifelong memories. Help a good cause.

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