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Public referenda

Collin from Hospital Hill

Our very own aquifer steward, Pauline Doyle, is mounting a petition to NCC calling for a public referendum.
The NCC, who in a nutshell wants to spend $10m million of our money for installation of permanent chlorination equipment without even asking us what we want.
With the Dutch using a system that does not involve dumping a toxin in their drinking water, said toxin which bumps things off indiscriminately, and in our case only to cater for deficient maintenance on our distribution network, it seems to me we should have some input as to how our rates are being spent.

Any who are happy to gather signatures PM me with your address and i will drop off an info sheet and one for signatures.

Here is Pauline's info sheet;

1/ Chlorine depletes the bugs in the human gut – including the good bugs which are vital for a healthy intestine.
2/ It undermines the immune system e.g. many people are now experiencing skin problems they’ve never had before, while others are finding that chlorine worsens existing skin conditions such as eczema making it far more painful.
3/ Most of New Zealand has NOT already chlorinated – many small towns are resisting – and so is Christchurch.
4/ Christchurch City Council has chlorinated temporarily while they upgrade their system and in August 20% of Christchurch will be chlorine-free again.
5/ Last year's Havelock North government inquiry recommended universal treatment of drinking water, but Canterbury Medical Officer of Health Alistair Humphrey says: "I think Christchurch is a special case”. Christchurch will claim exemption if the government decides on mandatory treatment nationwide.
6/ We think Napier is a special case and should also claim exemption – Napier and Christchurch both draw from secure confined aquifers.
7/ Havelock North bores were in the UNCONFINED part of the Heretaunga aquifer with paddocks of sheep nearby. The crisis management model developed for Havelock North in December 2016 ordered maximum chlorination and a tenfold increase in the E coli testing regime - the previous chlorination trigger was 10ppm – last year this was raised to 1ppm. NCC was forced to adopt this overly sensitive regime so of course the number of E coli transgressions in Napier increased and chlorine was added – like the over-reaction with the discredited meth-testing regime.
8/ Reliance on permanent chlorination can lead to a false sense of security. Chlorine does not kill protozoa such as giardia and cryptosporidium. If there is a problem in the distribution network fix the problem - don’t just throw chlorine in the water. In emergencies, if councils are genuinely concerned about risks to public health a “Boil Water” warning should also be issued to all consumers.
9/ Eight of the ten municipal bores in Napier are now ready for certification as secure bores and, with the chlorine flushing programme completed, Napier should be able to return to normal by the end of August: one hundred percent pure water with no chemical additives.
10/ Why would Napier ratepayers agree to a $10 million upgrade, only to be forced to drink chlorinated water, permanently?

Pauline Doyle, Spokesperson GUARDIANS OF THE AQUIFER
20/7/18 p.doyle@hotmail.com

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Look out for your older neighbours Hawkes Bay!

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

The discovery of the bodies of two elderly men in their homes weeks after they died has prompted Hawke's Bay police to encourage residents to keep an eye on their elderly neighbours.

Detective Mike Signal said the men had been found in their Napier homes in two separate incidents over the past two months. "It's hard to tell how long they had been dead for, but it's looking like 10 days to two weeks," Signal said.

If you have an older neighbour you may be able to play a key role in making their lives a little easier. In doing this, you could provide some valuable help where it is needed and you might also make a new friend.

· Ask - If your neighbour is an older person, there may be relatively simple tasks that they are no longer able to do. Don't be shy, approach them and ask if there's anything they need help with.

· Reading the signs - If you have not seen your neighbour for a while, pay particular attention to some simple signs. Do the lights come on at night? Do the curtains get drawn? Is the garden tended? If you have any reason to suspect that your neighbour might be in need of help, knock on the door to check they are okay.

· Follow up - If you are concerned for your neighbour's wellbeing, or suspect that they may not be able to look after themselves, ask them if they are okay. If you suspect that they need help but they are unresponsive to your offers then seek advice from Police or Age Concern.

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Planning on hitting the water this weekend? ⛵💦

The Team from Neighbourhood Support New Zealand

Kia ora water-lovers!

Here are some tips to make sure you and your loved ones are well prepared and stay safe:

1. Check the marine weather forecast before you go out, it could save your life! 58% of boaties already check it. We want the other 42% to make it a habit. MetService New Zealand's Marine App makes it easy.

2. Tests your life jackets. Pull hard on the straps and see if any of them stretch or rip. Check all over for any existing tears in the straps and any cuts or punctures in the life jacket. If yes, do not use the life jacket, dispose of it, and replace it. Always check if it floats before putting them on. Keep in mind kapok life jackets should not be used as they can absorb water and sink, their cotton straps also easily rip! Burn them or bin them, but whatever you do - don't use or resell them.

3. For this year's Safer Boating Week, boaties are being reminded to “Prep, Check, Know” - prepare your boat, check your gear and know the rules before going on the water.

Let's put in the time and effort to make sure there are NO water related accidents or deaths this Labour Day long-weekend! Don't forget to look out for each other and report any concerns you have to local authorities.



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