8 days ago

Dog Allergies-Please advise

Maxine from Hospital Hill

Here's hoping someone can shed some light and a word of advice. Our poor dog has been plagued by skin problems and has been on antibiotics and steroids for these since last November. We've tried to narrow down the causes by keeping a food diary for him (no more of his fav treat, cheese), only feeding him raw goat or venison mince. Still, the allergies persist.

Along with the vet, we concluded that it must be due to contact allergens like toxic weeds such as Wandering Willy and all its variants. Back on meds and we kept him away from Pokowhai and any grassy areas. However, the itchiness returned as soon as his meds ran out.In fact, they seemed to come back worse than the previous bout. We took him to Te Mata Peak last weekend, which coincided with his meds finishing, and lo and behold, another bad outbreak. Now we're not even sure if it was the forest walk or the end of the meds. Needless to say, we're at our wits ends. He's been on Apoquel, then Prednil and now on Cephalexin. The vet has suggested we give him a monthly injection (similar to Apoquel, with fewer side effects). This would be a monthly, permanent arrangement. Our dog will be 2yrs in May. I worry that all these meds will eventually shorten his life due to the strain on his immune system. He's part Staffie and we're told that they're prone to skin problems. I'm just curious if anyone else has experienced this problem. Is there an end in sight? Any advice, please.

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Holly from Westshore

Hi Everyone,
The Napier Mail on Hastings St Napier is closing its office and they have heaps and heaps of newspaper to get rid of if anyone wants to pick some up for their fires. They are open 9-4 Mon-Fri just come on up if you want some. Next to the BNZ on Hastings St.

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Pilates classes recommendations

Tina from Tamatea

Hi all. I was looking for recommendations for Pilates classes in Napier. Thank you for your help.

11 days ago

Our War Memorial

Jet from Ahuriri

Dear Kirsten Wise I acknowledge and appreciate you owning up to your mistake regarding our War Memorial in todays paper but pertinent questions remain. I feel compelled to express that as a councillor should it not be your job to make sure before voting on anything concerning the great people of Napier that you have all the facts and take into account our wishes. How can we now trust any councillor knowing you did not do due dilligence before making such a controversial vote. The history was available for anyone to research and our older citizens made the facts very clear but were dismissed as if they were just an annoyance.