11 days ago

My Resene Upcycling Award entry

Kathie from Westshore

Whimsical, funky, quirky, a coat of many colours.

I really have no idea what this incredibly ugly, dark item of furniture was used for. It possibly was a television cabinet, or a Wot Not, but it deserved a bright new life.

I removed the plinth and the top shelf, the columns holding the top shelf became legs, the split door was repaired and then it’s colour transformation began.

My most used, and favourite product is Resene Smooth Sealer, perfect for most furniture restoration jobs. Two coats covered the dated dark mahogany, it was then ready to paint using Resene test pots of complimentary bright colours (Hyperactive, Limerick, Kitsch, Colour Me Pink, Left Field, Paua & Bright Red) I am no artist, so used lots of masking tape.
A final coat of Resene Clearcoat to protect the paintwork completed the Upcycle.
Actually I still don’t know exactly what it is, or what it will be used for - but who cares?
It’s now standing proudly, instead of hiding away sulking in a corner of the op shop.

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Holly from Westshore

Hi Everyone,
The Napier Mail on Hastings St Napier is closing its office and they have heaps and heaps of newspaper to get rid of if anyone wants to pick some up for their fires. They are open 9-4 Mon-Fri just come on up if you want some. Next to the BNZ on Hastings St.

4 days ago

Pilates classes recommendations

Tina from Tamatea

Hi all. I was looking for recommendations for Pilates classes in Napier. Thank you for your help.

11 days ago

Our War Memorial

Jet from Ahuriri

Dear Kirsten Wise I acknowledge and appreciate you owning up to your mistake regarding our War Memorial in todays paper but pertinent questions remain. I feel compelled to express that as a councillor should it not be your job to make sure before voting on anything concerning the great people of Napier that you have all the facts and take into account our wishes. How can we now trust any councillor knowing you did not do due dilligence before making such a controversial vote. The history was available for anyone to research and our older citizens made the facts very clear but were dismissed as if they were just an annoyance.