32 days ago

New Menu Spring Summer

Kim from Trattoria alla Toscana

We have a new and exciting menu celebrating all things local with Italian chef twist.Be sure to check out our new menu on line www:trattoriaallatoscana.com
We are open Tuesday to Sunday closed on public holidays.
My favourite dessert at present is our Lemoncello Baba.
It's a naughty little dessert however soooo yummy!
Yes we can do Christmas work celebrations, or that after 5 drink and nibble in our lounge area.
Senior Citizen Discount Yes .........we like to celebrate boomers.

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1 minute ago

Mobile Hairdresser

Deanna from Bluff Hill

Hi my name is Dee i am a qualified hairdresser with over 25 years of experience I am available to come to your home after 330 pm daily to contact me phone 02041638501

13 minutes ago

Mailing Christmas presents

Denise from Marewa

If you have presents to mail within New Zealand, Wednesday is the last day. Later than that and you'll have to courier.

4 hours ago

Free Rooster - Urgently Requires New Home

Gill from Bluff Hill

Based in Napier
Hi - our baby chicken has grown into a Rooster and therefore needs to find a new home before our neighbours start to complain ! He is approx 13 weeks old
Not sure of breed - possibly a Araucana - we got him as a fertilised egg
Free to a good home or ideally would love to swap him for a hen of around the same age so Mummy hen still has a baby to look after.