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Looking for an easy way to help your community?

Annika Corley from Otumoetai Lions Club

As I was walking through the neighbourhood today and saw the number of glass bins that weren't collected because lids had been left on bottles/jars, I thought it timely to remind everyone that your local Lions Club collects the screw tops to wine bottles and the tabs off the beer/fizzy drink cans. All the money from recycling them goes to Kidney Kids. We're happy to collect, or you can drop off!

The next time you have a fizzy drink or a beer in a can, after you've finished, break off the tab and save it. The next time you open a screw top bottle of wine and finish it, save the screw top. It's a quick, easy thing to do that really helps the community! (Note, we do not collect the ring pull lids such as what you find on a bottle of Bundaberg, just the old fashioned tabs as shown in the photo here).

To donate, please contact Michael on 027 497 8818 to arrange either a drop off or collection.

Please get in touch and easily help your community (and help get your glass bins collected). 😀

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Is your property climate resilient?

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Share your views with us

Communications from Tauranga City Council

Council have been working with the Mount Maunganui Playcentre for many years to help them find a new home due to increasing pressures from sports users at Blake Park.

Golf Road Reserve has been identified as a suitable site and Council are proposing to partially reclassify up to 1,000m² of land to house the playcentre.

We are seeking feedback from the community on this proposal and want to hear from you. For more information and to make a submission visit www.tauranga.govt.nz....

Submissions open 3 December 2021 and close at 5pm, 14 January 2022.

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Red Cross Shops welcome everybody!

The Team from Red Cross Shop Greerton

Our Red Cross Shops welcome everybody. Customers don’t need to be vaccinated or show My Vaccine Pass to enter the shop under the Traffic Light System.
We look forward to seeing you all soon.