45 days ago

Houseplants looking sick? The plant doctor answers your questions

Mikaela Wilkes Reporter from Homed

Hi neighbours,
Thank you to everyone who submitted questions about their sickly plant babies. Houseplants might be fashionable, but they can be tricky to get right. Whether it’s the wrong light, too much or too little water, or a pesky draft, it doesn’t take much for your prize peace lily to turn yellow or an infestation of bugs to set in.

We put some of your houseplant questions to the plant doctors from Kings Plant Barn to diagnose. Find their answers here.

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8 hours ago

Great weather for drying curtains!

Owner from Curtain Clean BOP Ltd

The weather this week has been perfect for getting these curtains dry and back home nice and quickly!

9 hours ago

Garden work

Tracie from Bethlehem

I have just had the amazing team from Woman@work come along and transform my garden and property ! Highly recommend you get them along - beautiful work- great pruning clean and efficient ! Thanks to the team ❤️ your work!

9 days ago

What a shocker...

Maria from Betta Water Filtration

People are often shocked at how contaminated their water is as its absorbed by their filters after a year. They collect all the rubbish and enable clean, great tasting water to still come through the taps. Remember - if you dont have a filter YOU are the filter. (Pics taken over the last 9 mths)