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Need Are your windows hard to open?

Philip from Exceed we fix windows & doors

Hi neighbours,

Have you noticed that your windows are stiff, or the handle is a bit loose?
Depending on age, quality and probably a little bit determined by luck, different parts of a window can’t work anymore:

• Locking pins no longer lock exactly
• Window handle is difficult or difficult to turn
• Window sash does not fit properly in the frame (must be lifted or pushed in)
• Window handle wobbles

If you have windows that are stiff to open or close or leave big draught gaps give us a call on 0800 25 25 00 for a free estimate.
Hinges can easily be replaced without worrying about the cost of replacing the whole window.

The Exceed we fix windows & doors team :)

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Mila's Story

The Team from Graeme Dingle Foundation Western Bay of Plenty

Take a moment and to read Mila's story on her experience through our Project K programme.

“Ugly, Loser, Pathetic. No one will ever love you. Do everyone a favor, kill yourself.”

The toxic mindset of a 14-year-old. Raised in foster care, abused, exhausted, unstable and insecure. Live in a bus shelter or make the choice to join a program where I will be fed and have a roof over my head. Even if just for a few weeks.

I’d have been a fool not to take the opportunity for kai and friendships. So, I did. I started my wilderness adventure with Project K. The selection process is incredible it managed to select me not at just one high school, but two. I was destined to be a part of the program.

If you are interested in supporting our local rangatahi through our Project K programme, click the link below.

#dinglefoundation #projectk #mentoring #empoweringyouth #empoweringtamariki #empoweringrangatahi #respect #resilience

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Anzac Day 2021

Communications from Tauranga City Council

Join us this Anzac Day, Sunday 25 April, to remember and honour those who fought at Gallipoli.

Several services are being held across the city and road closures will be in place to support these services. For more information visit www.tauranga.govt.nz...

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Alpine Water & Bling

Maria from Betta Water Filtration

I haven't posted for a few weeks while filtering was on hold to attend the National Dragon Boating Champs in the Sth Island. And I can confirm the 3 Bay Teams did us proud bringing home Gold medals and trophys galore.

While there, I was fortunate to walk the Routeburn Track in great weather and stunning vistas. My trusty water bottle could be filled from numerous alpine streams along the way... One of the few places left in NZ where the water isn't contaminated and treated. Simply gorgeous. All back to work now.

If you want to get the Best from your water by taking the Worst out of it, then call me. I've many options to suit your needs and budget.