54 days ago

Pak'n'Save shopping frustrations

Adrian from Papamoa Beach

1. Have any other of you Neighbourly people been frustrated , like I have about your shopping experience at Papamoa Branch of Pak’n’Save.

2. I had previously stopped bothering to make those “feedback” invitations we are given at check-outs there because nothing ever seemed to change when I have commented on the unavailability of certain items. However because of my list of items I cannot get from this store has now risen to five, I recently sent in another moan. For the first time I have had a response, but sadly every item I said they did not stock, they reckon was because it was not selling. I find this hard to believe. I am therefore asking other Neighbours, if you too have to visit other supermarket outlets to get these items, I invite you also to ask to Pak’n Save about them maybe they might start to stock to few or all the following.

4. Uncle Bens Boil In The Bag Long Grain Rice 500 g. This is a cardboard packet that holds 4 X 125 g plastic bags of rice.

5. WW Lychee in Syrup 560 g. A helpful shelf stacker said “No we do not stock it.” He did not know why. Coundown had it at only $2.50 a tin so it is not an expensive luxury item.

6. Anchor Zero Lactose Trim 1 litre (Green Top). Both my next door neighbour and myself have asked about this not being available any more at Papamoa Pak’n’Save. It was stocked till a couple of months ago. When I waited to speak to the milk area manager he said it was a product that was not selling. I find this hard to believe. It is usually available at Countdown and on the occasions it is not there and I have asked I am told it is so in demand there that it sells out very quickly.

7. Vitasoy Milk So Lyte Uht. This is yet another product that I have asked why it is not stocked at the Papamoa store. They have the “Regular” but not the “Lite”. .

8. John West Pink Salmon 210 g (No Salt Added). There was plenty of other tins of John West, but none that said “no salt added”.

9. We do almost all our grocery shopping at your store , except for the above items which we have to buy on a regular basis.

10. So if you have to shift your car to go to another (usually more expensive) supermarket to get these or other missing items, can I recommend you tell this outlet, and maybe we can get them stocked again, as they have been in the past.

Adrian Muller

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Why we're putting quality first...

Cooper's Pet Kitchen

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This also means a decrease in what comes out the other end... less 'picking up' what they’re 'putting down' at the dog park if you catch our drift.
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The first Readers Tour in 2020 is...

The Team from Readers Tours

The North Island Journey
Wednesday 25 March - Tuesday 7 April

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